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AfriLabs Expands into 45 African Countries

  • June 11, 2019
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AfriLabs Expands into 45 African Countries

AfriLabs; the largest Pan- African network of technology and innovation centres has added 27 new hubs into her network thereby extending her reach into 6 countries; Guinea, Mauritius, South Sudan, Libya, Tunisia and Botswana and 12 new cities making it a total of 158 Hubs in 45 African Countries.

In Central Africa, AfriLabs has added Ocean Innovation Centre in Cameroon while in West Africa AfriLabs tops her already growing community with Roar Nigeria Hub, Ennovate Lab, Nicademia Hub, TVCLabs and Devamplify Hub in Nigeria, Grassroots Hub in Ghana, Burkina Business Incubator in Burkina Faso, Incubateur Saboutech in Guinea and Mali Business Innovation and Incubation Centre in Mali.New East African additions include; Ndoto Hub and Smart Lab in Tanzania, FabLab Winam, Pangea Accelerator and Mt Kenya Hub in Kenya, Mauritius Business Network in Mauritius, Design Hub Kampala in Uganda and HarHub in Somalia whilst Impact Hub Harare and Startup Bulawayo in  Zimbabwe and Botswana Innovation Hub in Botswana tops the list for hubs in the Southern African Region. And finally to wrap up the list is GESR- MEK Cairo and Maamal for Development in Egypt, Le Wagon in Morocco, CoZi Coworking Café Djerba in Tunisia, Tatweer Research, Benghazi in Libya and Ataka Hub in South Sudan for the Northern African Region.

We are excited to have these new members join our ever growing family as well as extending our reach to these new countries thereby bringing us closer to the goal of having our community span across all 55 African countries. We believe that in reaching this goal, we are moving closer to an integrated and prosperous continent fostered by open collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship driven by hubs and their communities across Africa – Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director, AfriLabs.

Being part of this community is an epitome of belonging to an African identity and resolve to change the destiny of our motherland together through nurturing entrepreneurship and our common genius – Soulamane KonKobo, Founder, Burkina Business Incubator Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Being a member of Afrilabs gives us a great opportunity to expand our network beyond the creative sector and across the continent. We hope to engage in meaningful synergies between the tech and creative ecosystems and share similar experiences as coworking spaces – Jantien Zuurbier, Founder, Design Hub Kampala, Kampala, Uganda.

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