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Incube8 Malawi launches a Youth Entrepreneurship Programme and a co-working space

  • March 8, 2017
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Incube8 Malawi launches a Youth Entrepreneurship Programme and a co-working space

Launched Last year as a BETA test, the  Malawian Startup incubator, and co-working space INCUBE8 wants to eradicate poverty in the Malawian society by empowering the youths through entrepreneurship.

Early this year INCUBE8 launched a Youth Entrepreneurship Programme on February 20th, The first cohort is set to have 8 of the best-selected startups in Malawi enroll, The selected teams are open to access and sharing of ideas from peer to peer and master to peer: this will equip them to be successful in whatever they ar venturing into.

In March 2016, INCUBE8 was selected as one of the 1000 startup companies in Africa chosen to participate in this year’s Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP), as a package of TEEP Arthur was granted US$5,000 having being selected in the program, this was used for the development of INCUBE8, being a wise entrepreneur.

This being the Pilot cohort the applicants need not worry about their past successes and alumni qualifications.

Startups will also be provided with a workspace in Lilongwe, financial support, and mentorship. So one of the unique things I see with INCUBE8 is their plan to launch entrepreneurship clubs in high schools around the country to train entrepreneurs when they’re young, tackling the problem at the root: since most incubators and programmes focus on early age startups and mature startups, I think this is the best way to go, giving the young a chance to express what they feel is not in the curricula of the school, for the entrepreneurial minds.

Interested applicant can apply here, having in mind the deadline is the 24th march.

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