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OPay announces the launch of its First store in Egypt

  • February 28, 2022
  • 2 min read
OPay announces the launch of its First store in Egypt

OPay Egypt, the leading fintech and electronic payments company, has announced the opening of its first “OPay” store in Egypt in the Downtown area in the 5th Settlement, to offer all the company’s services and products for individuals and corporates.

The move comes as part of OPay’s expansion plan in the Egyptian market and capitalizes on the success the company has achieved last year through distributing tens of thousands of Points – of – Sale (POS), and increasing its vendors and retailers, becoming the fastest growing company in the fintech and e-payments market, just one year after its launch in Egypt.

Hesham Ezz El-Din, Digital and Cards Business line director at OPay Egypt said that the company is “thrilled to be launching its first OPay store in the Egyptian market, one of the largest markets in the Middle East and Africa, as part of the company’s bid to keep up with the direction of the Egyptian state towards financial inclusion and digital transformation and Egypt 2030 vision.”

Through the store, Ezz El-Din said the company’s clients will be able to recharge their phone’s balance and make electronic payments for a number of services including paying mobile phone bills, as well as paying their utility bills and paying tuition fees for schools, universities and a host of other services.

He said that the company will gradually open more stores across many of the Egyptian cities and governorates to serve a wider client base, in addition to adding electronic collections services through coordinating and partnering with other companies in the same field.

Last month, OPay won the ‘Best New Point-of-Sale Payments Service Provider’ award from the London based ‘The Global Economics’ institution, specialized in providing detailed performance analysis of companies in various financial and business sectors.

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