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WitaMax invests in Morocco fintech startup

  • September 2, 2021
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WitaMax invests in Morocco fintech startup, a key player in the digitisation of local shops through its unique points of sale solutions, has secured funding from WitaMax, a company founded by Southbridge A&I and the Axxam Family Office. intends to use the fund to revolutionise the management of physical points of sale in Morocco and internationally.

Founded by the Said Belkhayat couple, former tech-savvy consultant and Rim Benboubker, pugnacious manager; quickly positioned itself as a key player in the digitisation of local shops through its unique solutions, combining both cutting-edge technology and close human support.

Since its launch in 2016, the startup, offering a digital solution for intelligent management of points of sale, has indeed very quickly, and from the first months of its launch, been able to conquer the Casablanca catering market with a base of more than 250 points of sale, “sorted on the shutter”.

This performance earned him the signing of his first fundraising campaign with WitaMax, jointly created by Southbridge A&I and Axxam Family office.

Today being on the way from 1000 customers, spread over 3 flagship cities of the kingdom; the start-up has a clear roadmap “…to both rapidly deploy throughout the country, and to be exported to more distant regions, where demand is no less important,” underlines Said Belkhayat.

Armed with a real observation around the complexity of managing physical points of sale, the founders intend to offer managers and in particular restaurateurs, an almost exclusive digital partner, offering a 360 checkout, “hassle-free”, centralising and consolidating all the tools they need on a daily basis to manage their customers but also their activities (inventory and supply management, payment, reservation services or loyalty solutions, etc.).

In the midst of the recruitment campaign, the startup now has around fifteen employees and continues, in addition to its regional development plan; to develop additional services to attract new customers.

“During the Covid period, we focused on developing a solution to help our physical customers switch to a delivery model, by launching an aggregation platform for restaurateurs (,” said Rim Benboubker. and are now adapted to all types of points of sale and are positioned as the winning combo of the new Moroccan and international e-commerce and foodtech companies.

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