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Ushahidi launches TenFour for Public Beta Testing

  • May 8, 2018
  • 2 min read
Ushahidi launches TenFour for Public Beta Testing

The Kenyan crisis-mapping experts Ushahidi are a global power house when it comes to data collection and analysis. Their platform Ushahidi has been used in various scenarios which include Election monitoring, crisis response, advocacy & human rights. Ushahidi has now launched TenFour a platform to help provide a quicker way for teams check on each other in critical situations.

The platform currently on the Public Beta testing phase is as a result of collaboration between the Ushahidi team, Knight Foundation and Cisco. It is geared towards small businesses and NGO’s.  The platform provides an easy and straight forward emergency communication protocol with a simple design to work where teams already communicate. TenFour packs an array of features as shown in the image below.


Ushahidi's TenFour Features
Ushahidi’s TenFour Features

“During a crisis your team will default to the communication channels that they are comfortable with and have access to: Web App, Mobile App, SMS, email and Slack. In those critical moments, it is essential you can reach everyone on your team. TenFour collects everyone’s responses so you know who is OK and who needs help”. ~ The Ushahidi blog

TenFour currently works globally with SMS support for the US, the UK, Kenya, Canada and Ireland.

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