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Understanding the Trio-Darkness of Facebook,Whatsapp and Instagram

  • October 5, 2021
  • 3 min read
Understanding the Trio-Darkness of Facebook,Whatsapp and Instagram

Yesterday was a very dark time on the social media lanes of Facebook,Whatsapp and Instagram, leaving it a merry merry side for Twitter. Facebook being on of the Largest social networks going dark was a mayhem not only for people who don’t understand Technology  but I mean the whole world. In conjuction with Facebook Acquiring Instagram and Whatsapp the Two  fellas really had no choice but to follow Facebook down, Every question around town was Why, what and others with anxiety attacks were like you ‘Blocked me’ , Lets be Honest yesterday The netwok went down with alot!

But Why the whole System dark from the Internet ?

oka let’s get down to At around 9 a.m. PDT on the U.S. West Coast — where the social giant is headquartered — Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger seemed to vanish from the internet. with Facebook publishing and saying “Our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication. This disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to a halt.”

That’s one cover of the whole story rather:  How can it be outside and Inside  ?

For starters, we meet few things on the Facebook network :  according to John Graham-Cumming, CTO at networking giant Cloudflare, who said Facebook “disappeared from the internet in a flurry of BGP updates” over a two-minute window, referring to BGP, or Border Gateway Protocol, the system that networks use to figure out the fastest way to send data over the internet to another network.

It appears that the outage is caused by a DNS (domain name server) fail — this is the naming structure that forms the web’s infrastructure. So, if you try to navigate to right now, the internet won’t know where to find

BGP stands for Border Gateway Protocol. It’s a mechanism to exchange routing information between autonomous systems (AS) on the Internet. The big routers that make the Internet work have huge, constantly updated lists of the possible routes that can be used to deliver every network packet to their final destinations. Without BGP, the Internet routers wouldn’t know what to do, and the Internet wouldn’t work.

“To the huge community of people and businesses around the world who depend on us: we’re sorry,” Facebook tweeted around 3:30 p.m. local time. “We’ve been working hard to restore access to our apps and services and are happy to report they are coming back online now. Thank you for bearing with us.”

We might be running on the back up network basing on the ‘factual data’ that the interenet has two shades the dark and the normal lol!  With few Tweets and Banters as all kinds of theories are developing  allegedly appears that someone has a hold of Facebook’s domain name for sale. And Jack wants to buy it:

there are unsubstantiated rumours going around that hackers have gotten access to Facebook user data, and are selling the same on the dark web. Take this with a pinch of salt because it is yet to be established and wherever and however we still remain on the look out on anthing developing .

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