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Uber South Africa now verifies cash riders using Facebook

  • September 1, 2017
  • 2 min read
Uber South Africa now verifies cash riders using Facebook

Uber has Interesting news each time when it comes to Africa and increaing the standards of Taxi-Hailing platforms. The community in South Africa received updates on their Uber services, The new feature comes after feedback accrued at Uber’s driver hubs, suggesting that the addition will also bolster the service’s safety for drivers.

Speaking of driver safety, an additional feature will impact both drivers and riders, especially those who pay using cash. “Social Connect”, as Uber calls it, stands in as a verification method when no credit card is available. “The variables that are verified are the number of friends, verified profile and phone number,” the company explains in a press release. “Uber will only use the link to Facebook to verify a user and check for a legitimate facebook profile. Uber will never post to Facebook on a user’s behalf.”

on the other hand in Uganda Uber drivers are using Screenshots to outsmart the riders on the trip prices. “I sent my niece yesterday on an errand from East High Ntinda to Ministers’ Village. The trip is always about Shs7,000 (she just took an Uber again this morning to the exact place, it cost her Shs7,000). But Richard yesterday charged her Ug Shs 16,000! Her phone reflected Shs7,000 and his reflected Shs16,000. When you scroll through Richard’s reviews, there is a similar complaint,” one comment reads.

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