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Tunapanda Institute : A Hub Bridging the Digital Divide in Kenya’s slum Heart

  • September 29, 2021
  • 3 min read
Tunapanda Institute : A Hub Bridging the Digital Divide in Kenya’s slum Heart

Meet Tunapanda, A Tech Hub with Kenya’s slum heart Kibera. I have always been fascinated by the fact that the wall of Technology cannot be stopped unless by technology itself! and what would be the aim of a Technology that blocks growth ?

Taking a journey through some of our young entrepreneurs in Kenya, we encounter Tunapanda which comes from a Swahili word meaning ‘we are growing’.  Tunapanda describes itself as a non-profit social enterprise that runs intensive 3-month technology, design, and business training courses in extreme low-income environments of East Africa such as Kibera (Nairobi informal settlement).

With a mission to create environments and experiences that train lifelong learners, earners, and problem-solvers, Tunapanda is on an unstoppable curve. Personally I knew Tunapanda way back whilst it was just incubating and teaching basic HTML and JavaScript, the curve is tough and smooth.

Tunapanda Running a couple of Programmes within it’s core Missions :


Kibera Aeronautics and Space Academy (KASA) currently runs training workshops focused on 9 key areas (including basic STEM), designed to build confidence that everyone can take part in shaping the future of tech and humanity. One day, we intend to set up a learning center in Kibera, Nairobi that is run by local graduates of Tunapanda Institute’s 3-month training courses. With the help of Tunapanda and its partners, KASA is creating  open-source micro-curricula to train and inspire kids and youth to tackle real-world problems while also having fun and stretching their imaginations of what’s possible.


TunapandaNET is a low-cost community wireless network championed by Tunapanda Institute whose goal is to build a digital ecosystem in education, health, and business by enabling community members to leverage on connectivity for socio-economic empowerment. Our mission is to promote internet access for all by investing in low-income areas through the provision of network infrastructure and capacity building for communities.


TechDada is a Tunapanda Institute program that aims to promote digital inclusion for young women in Kenya. Its vision is a world where women confidently pursue careers in technology, design, and business with a focus on solving global problems. Through the TechDada initiative, we hold workshops with local primary and secondary schools to leverage the interest of young girls and women in IT.


Wikonnect is an open-source e-learning platform that is designed to allow anyone to learn, create content, and contribute to the code. The initial courses offered on the platform will be around digital literacy, to get more people using the internet in more productive ways. Developed by Tunapanda Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. The original platform (called ‘swag’) was used to provide technology, design, and business training in low-income communities with low bandwidth.

With over 300 Graduates and over 6000 Community Beneficiaries Tunapanda is Really doing an outstating job to the tech community in Kenya and Kibera.




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