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ShowMax settles for co-working space at the Nairobi Garage

  • March 9, 2017
  • 2 min read
ShowMax settles for co-working space at the Nairobi Garage

Great excitement was greeted by young tech-savvy consumers when Nasper’s owned South African Internet TV ShowMax announced its launch in the emerging Kenyan market back in 2015. Two years down the line and ShowMax has decided to open an East African office based in Nairobi, to aid its pan-African expansion.

The largest co-working space in Africa, Nairobi Garage will be housing the first-of-its-kind video concept that directly addresses the needs of Kenyan internet TV consumers.

ShowMax’s decision to settle in Nairobi was brought about when they recognized that the only way to expand within the local business community was through a co-working space like Nairobi Garage, whereby a lot of ideas can be shared within the local entrepreneurship hub thus learning much more and gaining insight on the local consumer market.

The move reflects an increasing  demand and interest by corporate bodies across the world to embed themselves within the entrepreneurship community in Africa and also address the benefits of co-working as a concept, which has so far largely remained the operating model of startups and freelancers.

The co-working concept is a proven model and by surrounding themselves with startups and entrepreneurs, we think ShowMax is making the right move to grow their business,” said Hannah Clifford, general manager of Nairobi Garage.


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