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Innovation Startups Technology Providing On-demand Laundry Services for Nigerians

  • March 28, 2017
  • 1 min read Providing On-demand Laundry Services for Nigerians

Laundry is everyone’s nightmare. When you need some time to relax laundry is staring at you, when you want to have some fun over the weekend laundry pulls you back but in Nigeria some innovators have come up with an “Uber Like ” on-demand laundry service called was borne out of the desire to provide efficient and convenient laundry services to individuals so they can have time to engage in other productive tasks as well as save time, save money and get quality premium services.

It provides a highly personalized, convenient, on-demand dry-cleaning and laundry service. We have integrated quality and reliable service into every aspect of our operations which makes us cleaner, quicker and your garments fresher.

To subscribe to the service, users place their orders either via the app or on the website, and the laundry company will pick up the clothes, clean them and deliver them at the doorstep of the subscribers within 48 hours.

The platform offers several flexible packages/plans — subscription based and pay-as-you-go — from which customers can choose.



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