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Meet the 14 startups representing Africa at this year’s PitchDrive

  • July 28, 2017
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Meet the 14 startups representing Africa at this year’s PitchDrive

PitchDrive, from CcHub, Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), Nigeria’s leading social innovation centre in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs, has announced the names of the 14 selected startups set to participate in PitchDrive, a three week five-city European tech hub tour across London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris with the aim to raise €20M in funding from investors. The fourteen elite start-up founders from across Africa will explore the incredible world of European startup ecosystems through the eyes of the Google for Entrepreneurs partners in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris. Pitch to investors, explore global opportunities and learn from frontier markets, get to meet with 300 potential Investors in Place, PitchDrive is set with an aim of Collecting  €20 Million in funding.

“PitchDrive tour train will kick start in August to connect Africa’s tech entrepreneurs with Europe’s most influential investors. Applicants will be subjected to a rigorous selection process, and those selected will go on to have their business models scrutinised and analysed by some very shrewd and highly experienced investors at a Demo Day on each stop of the tour,”  said ‘Bosun Tijani, CcHub founder and chief executive officer (CEO).

Announced A few weeks ago, applications to African startup founders who were looking to raise Series A funding was made open. The feedback was an impressive 118 who went through a rigorous and objective selection process which produced the top 14 finalists. The selected startups include, Kudobuzz: Ghana, Ongair: Kenya, Gebeya: Kenya/ Ethiopia, Piggybank: Nigeria, Gloo: Nigeria, Prepclass: Nigeria, Tradedepot: Nigeria, Lifebank: Nigeria, Fashpa: Nigeria, Firefly media: Senegal, GoMetro: South Africa, ClinicMaster: Uganda, BitFinance: Zimbabwe and Real food: Zimbabwe.

 “The idea of PitchDrive is a phenomenal and an incredible opportunity for not only the selected 14 startups, but also the investors. The turnout of applications for PitchDrive lean to the ‘start small dream big’ saying and through this platform, we hope to help secure a number of breakthrough capital deals for the selected 14 startups. And, like the Garage story of Google, we hope that one or two or possibly all of these startups will have a similar story. I can say that they are in for a tough but rewarding journey with us.” Bosun Tijani CcHUB Founder and CEO says,

“We are glad for the support of Google for Entrepreneurs on the PitchDrive tour and look forward to the journey ahead.” PitchDrive will provide all travel, accommodation and visa support, as well mentorship and support from notable tech founders well versed in fund raising, including David Grunwald of Google for Entrepreneurs, Iroko Founder and CEO Jason Njoku, Saidah Nash Carter of Reuters and Stephen Newton of Illuminate Africa.

David Grunwald  Head of Global Partnerships at Google for Entrepreneurs, adds, ”Entrepreneurs from across Africa are building world-class tech companies, and we are delighted to be able to use the power of the Google for Entrepreneurs network to showcase their fantastic products to audiences in some of Europe’s most important tech ecosystems”.

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