October 15, 2021

Kenyan startup, Lori Systems wins the first TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Africa

  • October 11, 2017
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Kenyan startup, Lori Systems wins the first TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Africa

After a very long and competitive day in Nairobi, Kenya’s Lori Systems a startup digitizing Logistics to improve cargo transportation Across Africa: carried the main crown going home with $25, 000 no equity fund plus 2 plane tickets to attend TechCrunch’s Dresser event Disrupt SF in 2018. Despite very strong competitors from all the Categories: Productivity and Utility, Gaming and Entertainment and Social Good.

” The event was packed to the full with supportive and Encouraging attendees, We have seen a great potential in the African scene than we expected and be Sure to apply for the Next year’sStartup Battlefield Africa, ” Said Matt Burns Techcrunch’s Managing Editor.

The Event Saw a total of 15 startups compete { WeCashUp, Form+, Delivery Science, Abacus Invest, Sellio, Lori Systems, Big5 Games, Tango TV, Lomay, SynCommerce, ConnectMed, M-Shule, Dot Learn, Talent2Africa, AgroCenta }, and great Judging panel together with fireside chats from some of the Top names in Africa. Kenya had the Leading number of Startups {4}, followed by Nigeria with {3}, SouthAfrica and Ghana with {2} startups each and Finally, Uganda, Madagascar, Tanzania and Senegal with {1} Startup Each.

The Social Category winner was Carried by Ghana’s AgroCenta: helping more than 8,000 farmers to improve the agricultural value chain. In particular, small farmers in rural areas are facing many challenges to access large markets. The startup is helping them cut out the middlemen, and optimize truck deliveries to large markets thanks to an online marketplace.

The Gaming and Entertainment Category winner was Carried by  Syncommerce:  The company has been working on the perfect service for e-merchants. If you’re running a small e-commerce business, you know that it can be painful to list your products on multiple e-commerce websites. SynCommerce lets you list all your products on Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and soon BigCommerce and Amazon. The service can even look at your inventory and hide products on all your platforms if you’ve run out of stock. Existing customers have been noticed a huge increase in sales after switching to SynCommerce.

Congrats to All who Participated and Won the Competition.

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