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French Tech accelerator accepting applications in Capetown

  • April 12, 2017
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French Tech accelerator accepting applications in Capetown

Though a little bit late but better late than never, Frech Tech Accelerator is doing last calls to startup applications into their programme in Capetown, The time due is by April 15th.

Applications are open for the first accelerator cohort which will be hosted in FSAT Labs, Capetown. In conjunction with Methys an International digital firm and South Africa’s Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda).

FSAT Labs came to South Africa last year after being selected as a new FTH (French Tech Hub), enabling Capetown to become the sixth city after Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Tel-Aviv and Tokyo.

The selected startups are to benefit from FSAT Labs in that they will have assistance provided and support from experts, and also its a free incubation for the selected startups.

Seda and Methys have both funded the incubation with USD $720,000 for the entrepreneurs.

SMART city, SMART home, SMART commerce, SMART education, and SMART media are among the major Keys to be tackled.

Interested Applicants Apply Here


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