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Nigeria’s Comic Republic raises funding

  • April 11, 2017
  • 2 min read
Nigeria’s Comic Republic raises funding

Launched in 2013, Nigeria’s Comic Republic Has raised a funding of 7 figure Naira each from two angel investors: Tseyi Hammond, and Nigerian stationery brand Aviva. The Comic Republic has dedicated itself to the African Online comic Market.
Tseyi Hammond who has joined the startup as a non- executive director says:
“I am very happy and excited about the opportunity to work with the Comic Republic team as a non-executive director. The Comic Republic is strategically positioned as the leading character-based entertainment company in Nigeria and we aim to continue to grow its presence in Africa and beyond,”
The new Funding will be used for expansions of the company enabling more publications as the year goes by. With the new potential market in comic books all across Africa, this is a promising profitable market.
Aviva’s round of fund follows a prior partnership with the Comic Republic, six months ago the company acquired the license to reproduce Comic Republic characters on some of its stationery lines. We guess now we need our own superheroes other than the Marvel’s fiction characters now that the Comic Republic is growing.
“Comics and animation had a big influence on my childhood and continues to do so till today. I am hoping the team continues this legacy of shaping young minds and providing entertainment for generations to come.”  Added Hammond

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