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Fashpa’s CEO Vlogs: Entrepreneurial Journey

  • February 21, 2017
  • 3 min read
Fashpa’s CEO Vlogs: Entrepreneurial Journey

Honey Ogundeyi , the CEO of Fashpa, where she has been lead of operations for slightly more than three years now, an e-commerce platform for shopping African fashion at very affordable prices, has announced the launch of her new vlog called Side Hustle to Empire . She will be sharing her trials and tribulations and successes of her journey as an entrepreneur.

Although she hasn’t yet had enough experience to call herself a veteran but she can take whatever lessons she has gathered along the way of building,setting up and running a startup sum them up in a video and give a little bit more insight on upcoming and already established startups across Africa and the whole world.

“For sure I don’t know it all; I’ve only been running my business for three years now so I understand that in entrepreneurial world I’m still a baby. But I’ve learnt so much along the way and I’ve had a lot of successes as as well as I’ve made a ton of mistakes,” Honey said.

She is very passionate about helping others learn and getting help as well through her entrepreneurial journey that’s why she started this vlog as a way to document her journey and also influence other startups to do the same giving more and more people confidence to start a journey just like Honey. Her  main concern is lack of documentation by fellow Africans regarding entrepreneurship and its fundamentals.

She mainly focuses on the core of her business which is how to build a global African business from making money, raising money, hiring, firing and other social impacts being an entrepreneur comes with.

Catch a glipmse of the vlog which is out already and it’s just what the doctor ordered.


A few points to take home from this vlog includes the following:

  • Fashpa is a fashion technology business based in Lagos, Nigeria launched three years ago with aim of helping the way people shop for African fashion across the globe.
  • She began this business as a side hustle when she was working at Google as Industry Manager which later has grown to be an empire and believes that if she never quit her job Fashpa would not be where it is and all the recognition and accolades she has received up to date are majorly because of the business.
  • Her problem was getting African fashion online so that’s where the passion to build the empire came from and now she considers herself an accidental entrepreneur.
  • Best thing about her journey is getting an idea to work from scratch and making a difference around the world meaning one has to completely love what they are doing to bear fruits of the sacrifice and commitment.
  • Worst thing is being lonely which she is getting used to.
  • She misses the 9 – 5 life. She misses the salary (she has worked at McKinsey and Ericsson both within and outside Nigeria, so you can imagine), the travelling and the free food at Google Nigeria. 😀😀😉😉👌👌

A really awesome and informative show if you ask us and we cant wait for the new shows which will be released each and every week. Her funny side made it so much enjoyable to watch. Click here to subscribe.


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