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Egypt’s startup Yumamia expands its service

  • March 20, 2017
  • 2 min read
Egypt’s startup Yumamia expands its service

Egyptian homemade food ordering and delivery startup YUMAMIA has expanded to more locations in the country, thereby ensuring more people have access to its continuously-improving service.

Launched in 2014, the startup caters to working class Egyptians who are too busy to cook healthy meals and resort to patronizing restaurants, who, more often than not, offer expensive & nutritious food.

Yumamia are making wholesome food easy and accessible for anyone to consume daily by offering delicious food delivery prepared by gourmet chefs using premium ingredients, unique recipes, and top hygiene standards. All accessible with just a tap of our app!

Once you order for the food the app assigns the closest professional chef to prepare the meal and once it’s ready it is delivered straight to your doorstep. Talk about convenience.

The meals are prepared using premium ingredients, unique recipes, and top hygiene standards, and are wholesome and of top quality. Meals are delivered to customers in no time.

So far about 2,000 happy customers have used the service and more than 850 cooks have applied to join the platform.

Yumamia operates in twenty (20) locations in the country, and has now expanded to Downtown, Nasr City, Sheikh Zayed, Manial, 6th of October and New Cairo. In the coming months, it’ll launch in more locations.







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