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Egyptian based taxi Hailing App Ousta launches an onDemand Service

  • March 21, 2017
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Egyptian based taxi Hailing App  Ousta launches an onDemand Service

Launched in 2016 Ousta has had successful series in its progress, Mid last year Ousta received a funding of $1.25,  round from a group of angels and venture capitalists from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in August.

Ousta has launched its delivery application Oustman : Egypt’s First On-Demand Courier and Delivery Service. With Oustman you can book a runner to do all your errands at an efficient speed and safely.

How OustmanWorks:

Set The Pickup and Final Destination and Define the Details of Your Order.
– Request Your Oustaman.
– Oustaman Will Arrive and Start Processing Your Order.
– Track Your Order Until It Is Done.
– Get The Invoice and Rate Your Oustaman.
– And you can know the estimated fare before requesting Oustaman.

Oustaman is currently set with runners who own motorcycles, and in the near future will be adding vans. The service is currently available in Cairo, and soon be launched in Alexandria and other major cities.

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