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Are there Rules and Regulations , Rights and Freedom on the African Internet ?

  • May 17, 2017
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Are there Rules and Regulations , Rights and Freedom on the African Internet ?

So this is the thing, This wasn’t my original idea of the article, the realm of thoughts came upon me as I stumbled upon a certain African Site: African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms, as I dug my way deep reading about the organisation and what they have done and are still doing, the more I was struck by deeper thoughts about the internet as a Playground but before I proceed  let me familiarize us with African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms: a Pan-African initiative to promote human rights standards and principles of openness in Internet policy formulation and implementation on the continent.  Yes now that you know what it is let us scrap it down into smaller bits for better understanding:

African: From the origin of Africa, stating ownership, like more of a people patent. Declaration: The formal announcement of the beginning of a state or condition. Internet: The global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide. Rights: legal entitlement to have. Freedom: the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. 

I guess now you can juggle up words from the meaning and create a thought and FYI they have and endorsement currently going on you can join the waggon to pass the bill. Now Let’s get back to the basics,  The Internet is a subway, you just join the caravan but be careful where you land, as in, the Internet is another lot of  Foster Parents, the first sight and you fall in love, you hate, it grows stronger…. I feel like the Internet rolls on Karma, it has AI, so I don’t want to sidetrack explaining my weird theories on why you should love or hate the Internet or perhaps fear.

Let’s be back home, Africa is bae,  clearly, for a hashtag to trend means there is something going on: we have had a couple #africaninternetrights  and #bringbackourinternet which was the heaviest, the longest and the most painful era in Cameroon, a 94-day streak with internet blackout, why?  the government was meddling into ******** fill the spaces with what you think the gov can meddle in. So the Internet was fighting back with the hashtag, creating awareness, drawing defence lines, “no you can’t cross here!”, “we are allowed to air thoughts” but it was a little bit nasty for the Cameroonian Internet army as the govt proved to be the big man on their realm rendering them and their rights and freedoms useless for the three months, bringing into question are the rules and rights valid?

Now drive back to the reign of the Late Muammar Abu Minya al-Gaddafi in Libya. Practically don’t go to the terror scenes, I don’t want to politicise us but just remember when the late Muammar messed and compromised the internet, Unlike Cameroon, Libya had its defenders and we all know the great hacker squad Anonymous, yes Anonymous was there to defend Libyans,  so this gov imposed oppression and override rules did not work and not because Libya was Lucky but there are those people who have the keys to the rules we no not them but they see.

Now I am not to tell you but Between last year and this year we’ve had the Bigmen,   jump their noses into the Internet properties, Ethiopia  and Algeria falling Victims of Social media ban, yes this is due to exam leaks and all that but how did they know if the don’t linetap or snoop, let’s create a zero chance of exam leak snitches.  Another instance that is still a cliche in the Kenyan Soil is the bigman tap on the  devices, apparently we have all forgotten it were to happen, politicising everything, apparently we were lucky not to be hit by the wannacry Malware, for some instance I was waiting for it. But I would really like to appreciate the Twitter Armies for being there when we need them, Fighting to defend the land, the voice of the minority, i just had a question are there dos and Don’ts on our Internet atmosphere before I go ahead doing something crazy to gain fame or get into trouble ?Does your Country Limit your Freedom and is your reason enough to fight for ?

Featured Images  Eric Palma Illustration.

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