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Applications open for Nigerian Fintech startups

  • April 25, 2017
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Applications open for Nigerian Fintech startups

Nigerian Startups invited to take part in the Fintech startup challenge to compete and pitch for USD$10,000 for incubation and USD$1600 as a prize money.  The competitions that are supposed to take place at CardExpo in Lagos on the 13th-15th of June.

Hosted by a partnership of Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), AfriLabs and Venture Garden Group. The Challenge aims to identify, evaluate and support the ideas and solutions that are relevant to Entreprise, Governance and Social Development in Nigeria.

“We assure you that providing platforms to accelerate the growth of this sub-financial industry is a way to diversify the national economy and economically empower the youths. This opportunity will prove to be the new socio-economic equator in this era; opening up opportunities to driven youths who will work at building smarter, inclusive African societies,” the organisers said.

During the shortlisting process The top 30 applicants will be invited to post a one-minute pitch video on social media and from there 10 finalists with the highest social media shares will be invited for a panel demonstration at the grand finale at CardExpo2017.

Interested Applicants that are eligible can Apply Here.

The Selected Fintech startups will get the chance to pitch to an audience of key players in the financial services industry at CardExpo. Winning startups will be offered three months of incubation and mentorship from Venture Garden Group, while three finalists will walk away with prize money.


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