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Tech services, consultancy startup JabJab launched in Kenya

  • September 23, 2016
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Tech services, consultancy startup JabJab launched in Kenya

Technology services and consultancy startup JabJab Group has launched in Nairobi, Kenya, developing and consulting on areas as diverse as e-commerce and Internet of Things (IoT).

JabJab Group, which is bootstrapped and works from the Nairobi Garage in Westlands, says its main strength is in building and generating next generation platforms and business models, in order to remove friction across the value chain.

Founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Bhaves Shah said the startup will have a number of focus areas, including building e-commerce platforms as well as industry platforms that integrate IoT into the business model.

We are targeting some very specific industries to build these platforms that are targeted towards consumers and merchants,” he said.

Meanwhile, the startup will also develop a consultancy arm, aimed at assisting companies in any region that wish grow or change their business path.

“We help them with ideas and business model innovation that leads to rapid prototyping and insights, and eventually execution of the same,” Shah said. We help to provide these businesses with a framework that allows them to iterate their ideas into real value. We only work with companies who truly want to disrupt their industries, so we are very selective on who we work with.”


The idea behind JabJab Group is that any industry that focuses on efficiency innovation or incremental change is on the verge of death, with only true disruptions and innovations driving growth.

“Technological disruptions should never just be about the monetary aspects of the business model, but how each and every idea, process, thought, and evolution can impact the very nature of society and how it alleviates the process of engagement with communities and individuals,” Shah said.


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