October 16, 2021

Spos a point of sale system targeting shop owners

All businesses need speed and efficiency in their works, they also need to track sales and manage records. We have many ways of recording the incomes and expenditures from book keeping to software based  and  Technology has come in handy with systems to help us keep track and manage all this to save us the hustle of paperwork.

Most POS are too costly for the common business man (most small business men) to have, they roughly  cost $1000 and for a business running on a $10 profit that’s a big dream to achieve. This is why most of them choose the old manual way.

We came across  S-Pos a point of sale solution for everyone.  S-Pos is a Kenyan startup focusing on making it work for the shop owners, running from hawker business to merchandises and franchises.

 our aim is to help businesses manage their sales in a cheaper, affordable and in an understandable way for the market. [/quotes] S-pos tells Incubate Africa.

S-Pos is basically a cash register in a POS which already explains to you the portability of the system. It consist of only three things, the printer which is wireless connected to your phone through Bluetooth, a mobile phone and a computer for the web based.

S-Pos works very easily,

  • After contacting the S-pos team.
  • You create an account in their cloud based system.
  • Feed in your inventory in order to know what you’ll be managing.
  • Take your android enabled device with the application which is already synchronized  with the cloud system.
  • And start watching your business from wherever you are!

You can manage as many shops as you have at once from a central point without going to the physical shops, by that you can know which shop is making a loss and which one is selling and which product is selling most allowing you to analyse how each of your shop or sales people are performing.[/quotes] S-pos tells  Incubate Africa.

S-Pos :

  • Is running on an android Platform.
  • Is cheap and affordable for the SMEs , Small shops and businesses,  costing roughly $15 a month. Discounts available depending on your plan
  • Has a wireless printer which is rechargeable , basing on the fact that it does printing only, makes it a low power consumption Device Serve your customers with legal receipts easily.
  • It has a web system that is fully functional and manageable.
  • It works on a Real Time basis no delays in the system It even works when offline, sPOS securely stores and synchronizes the data with the cloud, so you can monitor your sales in real time.

The Application can be Downloaed on Playstore

Get it on Google Play

You can get in contact with  S-Pos team through their Website  S-Pos

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