Social Media Week Lagos, 2017: Reimagining Human Connectivity

  • February 17, 2017
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Social Media Week Lagos, 2017: Reimagining Human Connectivity

It is the quintessential media platform of the year. Born in 2009, the 8-year-old Social Media Week has thrived, spreading its wings from one city to being hosted in over 26 cities in five continents. It is the to-go-to annual event for the latest hot topics in education, business, entertainment, technology, art, banking and politics.
Now celebrating 5 years in Lagos, this year’s Social Media Week’s theme is ‘Reimagining Human Connectivity.’ The annual event running from 27th February to 3rd March brings together over 12,000 mavens from a myriad of fields who share their knowledge, research and experiences freely with peers and members of the public with a social reach of 810 million.
This year’s event in Lagos holds a promise of scintillating issues with the lined up events. Get a glimpse into the expected events during the Social Media Week;
Become a Kick-Ass Tech Mum’s inspire women into entrepreneurship by outlining the transitions from employees to business to entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurial mavens have an astounding packaged information for homemakers on balancing home management and business.
The Local Angel Network (LAN) will open your eyes to the beautiful world of investments and guide on how to become a business angel. They (LAN) mentor angels in investments embedded in technology, manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. Are you a potential angel, raring to attend this interesting, interactive and inspiring session?
Did you know that women are 50% less likely than men to use the online platform and in Lagos, only 36% of women use the internet with only 10% searching on sexual and reproductive rights? Gender Equality in the Digital Age seeks to close the gender gap in internet access. The internet is a one-stop-shop for information, some of which may be life-saving. Make a date to address these challenges and gaps in internet use.
You can never underestimate the power of technology and the digital forum. From co-creation, collaboration, crowd-sourcing to co-working, Africa has never been as united as it is in this 21st Century. Join in this engaging dialogue on The Co-World: Transformative Power of Technology, Content and Commerce. Technology has revolutionised the way we relate, get entertainment, design footwear, produce artwork and develop transmedia.
It is amazing what technology can do, from paperless banking to online health consultations, name it. The number of issues that is simplified by the digital platform is purely mind-boggling. You can shop online and on that note, who does not enjoy shopping? #SHOPAFRICA PopUp is offering a networking and collaboration platform at the Social Media Week Lagos, 2017. We can agree (or agree to disagree) that Lagos is the hub of African and non-African fashion. With neat African wear oozing a blend of culture and class. Come, take a look, and interact with online brands; experience panache galore.
Be a part of this event either online or in person to experience the power of mavens. Connect, learn, share ideas and grow.

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