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Safeboda halts operations in Kenya due to the pandemic strains

Safe Boda

Safeboda  halts operations in Kenya due to the pandemic strains

You would think that SafeBoda would be booming right now in the current circumstances where everyone has been relying on deliveries especially after the Corona pandemic. Companies like bolt and Glovo have been expanding to other countries but unfortunately for Safeboda at a time when they are meant to be thriving, it seems complaints from their clients have overwhelmed the startup.

Many customers have complained that the riders are incompetent and even insist on negotiating the price after making deliveries. Others have complained that the rides are usually rude and sometimes refuse to pick calls when delivering items. SafeBoda issued a statement saying that Kenya is no longer the environment they can thrive in.

In an official statement the company states the following:

SafeBoda has made a very difficult decision to pause Rides and Send services from the 27th of November 2020. From now until then, we will be promoting our drivers and this will be a chance for customers to use their remaining wallet balances to take rides and send packages.

Most riders unhappy which in turn leads to most client-rider aggression. This mostly happens due to the high discounts given to the clients. Sometimes these discounts can go up to the highs of 40%.

The company is however working to expand in Uganda and Nigeria.

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