Leadership monopoly claims as GDG Kenya leaders find themselves in a puddle

Leadership monopoly claims as GDG Kenya leaders find themselves in a puddle

Today the Kenyan scene woke up to drama, Amid all the planning yet to happen for  Google I/O Extended in Nairobi. GDG is a Community based Developer Group, Such groups hold Google I/O Extended an annual developer event as an extended version of the main I/O conference in San Francisco, with an aim of creating growth in the Google Community by discussing various technologies in the Google dimension.

As part of Google, Kenya’s GDG has found itself in a puzzle after allegations of favoritism arose, Juma Allan, an Android Engineer claims a community leader not mentioned by name feels like he “owns and controls” the entire community. Although the battle seems to be of people of the same umbrella ‘Google’.

All these because of a session Timing restructure and being denied a chance to offer a keynote speech during the upcoming I/O 22 Ext’ NBO event.

“Harun was asked & scheduled to do the Android Keynote. It was later communicated to him that the organizing team had been requested to hand over the Android Keynote to the Google Team to talk about their Product Office & Recruitment plans.”

GDG providing a legality Reply to why all these are happening yet Harun was Requested is 1. Quality and experience of speakers. 2. Harun can do other sessions at any other event. 3. GDG Nairobi reserving the rights.

All conflicts arose due to different interests and Relations, However, Juma continued the probe as to why His Ally was scheduled stating ” To my surprise, “no one” had not requested to kick out Harun’s session, but “they” had requested to have a new session added on the schedule. The Googler then decided to follow up with the organizers to make sure the Keynote was added back to the schedule but rather given 10 minutes as compared to other Sessions which would last 20 Minutes.

Despite GDG Being community-led Juma feels monopoly of leadership is the route cause of all these, and Long leadership positions have contributed to a fact that they deem themselves important in making decisions. In other Terms for an Organisation that has been around for ‘3 years’ According to Margaret, Juma is claiming the leaders have hoarded the Sits for more than 6 years, ” Hi Juma, please note that the current Nairobi lead has only been there for 3 years or less, last 6 years has seen 3 people lead the community including myself. Am sure whatever the misunderstanding is it can be resolved amicably. ”

We have contacted the Leadership team but they haven’t communicated yet a word on this, The tech community at large feels like there is suppression of the newbies at large is some of the other Tech events not necessarily attached to GDG.

Startup Founders in Kenya having a hard time fighting BIG TECH when it comes to resources

This is probably the Same Situation as big Tech in Kenya, They all create an Avenue for Growth as much as people hate it, they eventually want to go there.

This is a Developing Story …


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