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Lagos leads on Capetown and Jo’burg from the report on Global startup ecosytem

Just Like finding a soulmate or Hairstylist,  It’s also one of the best things to finding the best breeding ground for your startup. Early this year we were like since we are struggling hard as a continent in developing and nurturing startups then we should emulate some of the main factors from The great Silicon Valley. Apparently, We were certainly missing a point, We just had to become who we are because of very many factors that differ in all the regions.

According to Startup Genome, Silicon Valley seems to be a fade in the dark, Sorry Silicon Valley! but someone elsewhere is doing what you were to do. With Keen Interest, that we have noticed from the likes of Elon, Zuckerberg, Gates and more, They happen to love Africa, what we create many VC’s are routing to Africa, Geeks on a Plane, en route through Africa. This should arouse questions before its too late for us a continent.

Startup Genome has dedicated itself to loving and researching about startups: for the past few years, it has done some great profiling of startups and cities that are manured sufficiently for the startups.

“Startup Genome is a global collaborative effort to help regions everywhere nurture and maintain thriving tech startup ecosystems. Our insights, gathered from 10,000+ startup companies and 300 partner organisations, provide a starting point for founders, employers local leaders, and policymakers in 50+ cities around the world to make informed and timely decisions that drive innovation and economic growth.

Though we may not be Among the top in the Startup Ecosystem Dominance, But Surely we are growing from where we were.

2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report – Top 20

The Reign of President Donald Trump began with a big blow for the tech community in Silicon Valley, I guess this was an eye opener that we should not only focus on the silicon valley but we should create super and minor Silicon valleys in other countries. Since we started focusing on African Startups, we’ve seen a big loop in all the top regions that have best startups and hubs, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco, Egypt.

So Sadly the so named Silicon Savannah happens not to be on the list anyway there is next time after learning, We have been noticing most of the VC acquisitions have come from the west and South only a few percentage comes from the east of Africa. Jo’burg, Capetown and Lagos happen to be listed in the 2017 global report, Scrapping out a few of the African noted points in the three cities:



This Is safe to Say We have a good competition in The West and the south, but where the north and East? You can read the whole 2017 global report Here.

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