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Ideas For Action 2017 open for Applications

This is one of the unique  Applications I’ve seen all round since I started watching the venture world and Startups, by unique I mean it just covers one of the things I never thought of, the high school prodigies generation (14-18 yrs).

I4A  is a competition that’s held every year for students and young professionals (18-35 yrs)
from around the world to participate and design ideas for financing and implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Interested applicants need to write a proposal with the following conditions set:

The deadline for proposal submission phase is on 28th February, followed by the announcements of the selected submissions on March 21st for the final round then deadline for submissions of the final round will be April 17th  finalized by announcements of the winners on 31st May.

Interested Applicant can check for more information here.

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