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Ahoy goes 88mph on Funding

88mph is an Investor company focusing on startups that develop either mobile/web platforms specifically for the African Market. 88mph has been almost dormant for around 2 years after it ceased its funding on startups. Between 2011 and 2014 the accelerator invested in about 36 startups in Kenya and South Africa. The Funding was ceased on early age startups probably due to low-income generation from the startups and also their main plan is to grow with companies that they have already funded previously.

Ahoy a flight booking and management app for small businesses and teams operating internationally, with 24/7 support via chat with travel agents. The app currently in beta mode will let users do a couple of things from the comfort of their palms:


“When we traveled around Africa for 88mph, trying to fly our staff in and around, as well the entrepreneurs in residence who came in for the programs, always caused huge issues and added admin costs.

All this stuff that comes up, changing flights, canceling flights, even using our credit card to book for our team without the airline flagging for fraud and just canceling the flights, was a major hassle. We also tried a couple travel agents during the 4 years but had continuous issues with tracking down invoices for expense reporting, and responsiveness of the travel agents.”

So it came as little surprise that one of 88mph’s former Program Managers started Ahoy, shortly after leaving, to work on solving some of these travel problems.


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