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Ushuru.co.ke’s impact and potential expansion

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Ushuru.co.ke, the Kenyan platform whose main mission is to remove any literally any hiccup that is experienced by Kenyan taxpayers by simplifying the tax-paying process, has relaunched and expanded the platform’s users. The platform has helped the citizens a lot. And to attest to the impact the platform, it’s important to use statistics and numbers (because numbers don’t lie). In 2017, KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) recorded a 75% increase in tax filling returns compared to last year’s numbers. This proves that the platform (KRA iTax) has a good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Given that the platform is run by lawyers and accountants, it should be crystal clear that the platform experiences regular breakdowns. One important factor that has led to the success of the platform is the good communication and relationship between the lawyers & accountants and the clerks of the platform.

In 2018, the platform is expected to impact a larger community — both large enterprises and SMEs, if the bill which is currently being discussed in the parliament is passed and becomes a law.

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