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Make-IT in Africa has launched investment guides to its beneficiaries

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Make-IT in Africa, an African initiative that is currently operating in Kenya and Nigeria to support entrepreneurs by explaining to them how to access capital and foster on financial opportunities by sharing information. The initiative is also purposely working to match startups and investors by introducing funding instruments and sharing investors directories.

Through their partnership with Allied Crowds and Victoria Ventures, Make-IT in Africa has come up with a detailed investor directory which gives more information on more than sixty investors and financing partners. They’re doing a highly exceptional work in the African start-up industry — they’re promoting digital innovation for the sustainable and inclusive development of African market.

One of the big challenges that African entrepreneurs go through is lack of access to capital and finance during the early stages of a start-up. They (start-ups) lack financial instruments as well as the finances. This even makes it harder for already established start-ups to scale up since scaling up almost always requires extra finances. Despite of the breakthrough in the innovation sector of the African economy, there is still a need to train the inhabitants of the continent how to adopt and use the new innovations. The African fintech industry has shown a great grit, optimism, and enthusiasm in growing and discovering better ways to improve the sector. Contrastingly, the economy still needs a way to cope up with the new technologies such as Blockchain which is trying to solve some of the most critical problems such as corruption which has served as a major setback against the growth and development of the African continent for so long.

Make-IT in Africa is trying to reduce the cumbersomeness in financial access among African entrepreneurs through digital innovation. As the initiative puts it;

Access to finance is one of the key challenges of African tech startups. It can be extremely difficult for young entrepreneurs to understand the concrete steps to finance their innovations, define their valuation, select the appropriate type of funding and to get an overview of the complex and rapidly changing African funding-landscape.

Another challenge affecting the growth of African start-up industry is lack of proper channels to reach potential investors. Most of the African entrepreneurs lack the savvy knowledge of how to reach investors and this is a barrier and hindrance to the growth of the market. This is the reason why Make-IT in Africa has created content/course around this topic. Some of the topics that are covered in the course are Funding Instrument (in chapter 1), Investor Overview (Chapter 2), Raising Capital (Chapter 3), among other topics.

You can find the whole course here. It is in form of a pdf and therefore you can download the course and go through it at your own pace.

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