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Zimbabwean Startup,Courier City, Expands Shipping Network: You Can Now Ship To And From Kenya

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Zimbabwean Startup, Courier City is a Zimbabwean owned Canadian-based tech startup looking to build a person-to-person courier service aimed at disrupting the traditional model of shipping documents and parcels across the world, an industry that has made companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS billions of dollars,  is broadening their reach as they expand their shipping network to Nairobi, Kenya. They’ve sent out a press release detailing how this will work and customers will save up to 50% just like when shipping from Canada.

Courier City is expanding its revolutionary approach in International courier services to Nairobi, Kenya. Sending a package or documents across the globe has never been easy or cheap. However, Courier Cty has found a way of pairing senders with their trusted travelers all the way to the receiver’s end at an affordable cost. As of 1st May, they have an introduced a new route between Toronto and Nairobi.

How does this work?

Travelers will provide Courier City with allotted luggage information, which will be used to match the sender. All of this will be done on their website. Packages are assessed to meet airline guidelines and packaged with approved seals. Sending documents can cost upward of $150.00 CDN to ship with other couriers, but with Courier City, we can help you save up to 50% with faster delivery.

Registered travelers earn money for their help by keeping both the shipping and receiving parties apprised of their status and the shipper along with receiver get the comfort of being able to get updates about their valuable packages. On arrival at the destination, the traveler will hand over the package to a Courier City agent at the airport booth. Courier City is running an inaugural promotion, granting their first vetted carriers as much as 50% of their airline tickets. Imagine being able to send your gift halfway across the world within 24 hours and with peace of mind.

Founded by a young African entrepreneur based in Toronto Canada, Courier City has designed its service to make it affordable for the communities in both countries to come together and bridge the gap of distance between families and businesses whilst helping individuals earn extra income for carrying the goods. Courier City is already actively servicing the Canada – Zimbabwe route and is looking to continue introducing this safe, convenient and less-costly means of securely shipping packages overseas around the globe.

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