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TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield Among Facebook’s Several ‘Celebration of Tech Week’ Events in Nairobi

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Facebook has been socially active from the random users to the developers, Facebook Developer platform a tool used to create third-party applications using Facebook API’s. Earlier Today Facebook announced they will be having a ‘Celebration of Tech‘ week which is part of their Sponsorship of TC’s Battlefield Africa, an event set to take place on Wednesday the 11th of this month, The Event is set to hunt the best early age startups in sub-Saharan Africa, The 15 startups that will take part in the event will be announced Tomorrow, stay Linked up!

First, there is the partnership with TechCrunch in their Startup Battlefield Africa. “A whole day event aimed at celebrating and uncovering the best innovators, makers and technology entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa,” Facebook says.

Some members of the Facebook team will be in attendance including Facebook’s Vice President of Partnerships, Ime Archibong, Facebook’s HEad of Platform Partnerships for MEA, Emeka Afigbo and from the Connectivity team, Uche Ofodile.

“We’re really pleased to be able to bring the first Startup Battlefield to Africa. This is an exciting event, with opportunities to discover the creativity, talent and imagination of startups from across the continent,” Ned Desmond, TechCrunch’s COO said “TechCrunch has held events across the world, and being able to hold Battlefield Africa is a natural progression. We can’t wait to see the results.”

Facebook Developer Circles Africa Masterclass

There will be a three-day training course that is geared to bring together developer circle leaders from across sub-Saharan Africa.

Women in Tech event

Facebook will engage with influential women working in Nairobi’s tech ecosystem and also share the company’s mission on diversity.

Facebook community event

This event is aimed at bringing together Community groups from across Nairobi.

SMB, Agency and Content Creators Workshops

They are planning several workshops targeting Kenyan entrepreneurs, agencies and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on how to grow their business using Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Platform Meetup

Facebook wants to bring together developers, entrepreneurs and senior leaders at early mid-stage startups in Kenya to learn how Facebook’s Platform products can accelerate their business.

The Facebook team will be in Nairobi, Kenya from 9-12 October to take part in and host a number of events aimed at connecting, listening and learning from the startup and wider tech community. “With more than a billion people in Africa, we want to do more to enable businesses in the region to connect with people,” said Emeka Afigbo, Facebook’s Head of Platform Partnerships for Middle East & Africa. “We are excited to be part of a showcase of how African developers and tech entrepreneurs are empowering people and growing the economy.”

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