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Ushahidi’s Board Finally Suspends a Senior Exec and Provides an Update Regarding the Sexual Allegations made

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Last Week we all know the flames were facing the Ushahidi members and board,  The Sexual Allegations created a scene around the African Scene,  and different opinions and emotions being set out on them. Yesterday Ushahidi Released an Official Statement regarding the claims and what process they are following to ensure that the law is forced. Last Week TechWeez Tweeted that they had an Information about Ushahidi’s CEO step aside to leave room for Investigation.

” The Ushahidi Board wishes to provide an update on the inquiry into allegations of sexual harassment complaint made against a senior employee.

On Sunday, July 16th, the Board received from its lawyers a legal opinion on the investigation of a sexual harassment complaint that was filed by one of our employees, who has since left the organisation, against a senior employee. Following the review of the opinion and the completion of the Report, the Board has communicated its findings to all parties involved.

We expect to conclude our process in the coming days, in accordance with the Employment Act in Kenya and international employment law.  In the interim, the Board has placed the Respondent on suspension.

We wish to state that Ushahidi’s Board followed due process in accordance with the law, in respect of all parties’ legal rights as well as Ushahidi’s internal sexual harassment policies and procedures. This was in order to ensure that all parties were treated fairly, their rights protected, and confidentiality upheld throughout the inquiry.

Further, the inquiry was conducted professionally, impartially and in good faith in a bid to establish the facts and not to victimise any party or influence the outcome.

In addition, the resolution of the complaint was a legal process requiring consideration of the evidence, Ushahidi’s policies and procedures, and the applicable laws across two jurisdictions (the US and Kenya).

As such, the matter has required engagement and coordination of legal counsel for the organisation, the Complainant, and the Respondent. The complexity of the issue and number of parties involved has led to a prolonged process.  In order to provide further clarity and in the interest of the transparency Ushahidi stands for, we are including a chronology of the matter.

We wish to reiterate that the Board supports a safe and respectful work environment. Ushahidi does not and will not condone any form of sexual harassment. “

You Can Read more on their website with also a chronology of events!

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