With AfriLabs yet to Host it’s Annual Gathering in Egypt,  October, 18th to 20th, It is not yet done with its Hospitality for the African Hubs and Techspace. AfriLabs, founded in 2011 with just five-member hubs, was established to build a community around technology hubs in Africa. Since then, AfriLabs has been working through these hubs to build the African entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting the development of start-ups, technology, and innovation, while also fostering partnerships between tech hubs across the different regions. AfriLabs since its inception has now grown from five hubs to fifty-six hubs across over 20 African countries.

Afrilabs has announced an Expansions of its Services by Incorporating 11 hubs into the Network and Extending its membership base to new African Countries -Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are constantly looking to work with tech hubs and other stakeholders of the African entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster institutional linkages and collaboration, advocate for better enabling policies as well as provide entrepreneurs and innovators access to the right tools, environment and finance to scale in Africa and beyond. We are pleased to have these new hubs join our network. – Said Anna Ekeledo, Head of Secretariat, AfriLabs.

The newly accepted members into the AfriLabs network are-  nHub Nigeria, inCUBE8 Malawi, iBridge Nigeria, Lumumba Labs Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Wenak Labs Chad, Sote Hub Kenya, The Innovation Village Kampala Uganda, The Tech Village Zimbabwe, BitHub Kenya, dLab Tanzania, Startpreneurs Nigeria.

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