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TGIF Bonus : All week Roundup

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The week is done and we guess you did not have enough of Tech news and happenings, so we took our time to find out the missing pieces and align them out for you. We actually miss a name for this Friday editions, we could actually use some help of thoughts and ideas !! 🙂

Let’s take a boat ride into our week report and happenings that interested us:

  • Incubate Africa Got Nominated For the Best Technology Blog Awards in Kenya, We thought we should let you know. Cast those Votes, I mean!


  • The 100 emails written to companies requesting free gifts:  The Responses were quite amazing and surprising! Check them out.


  • Kenyan’s to Drone Cast votes! Damn, that’s a good one by Sendy.  As the Electoral process in Kenya nears! The country is actually thinking of safe ways to vote. #DRONE #DRONE, Actually I think this will be a game changer if It happens you know.


  • London Stock thinks these companies will inspire Africa! Haha, that’s a good one! The report actually is a good read, covering 42 countries, with some usual suspects you though they are never making News. Take some warm coffee and sit back, wait, go to Java, for Java House also has to Inspire you with what they offer.


  • Ok, So dead gone to Entertainment gamblers, basically death to the movie streamers, You will never beat Technology, Remember the good old days when you could share your passwords for seamless streaming by different people on the same account, well that’s also taken away from you, But why Technology Why?  IrokoTV Kills Password Sharing! Boom! so this means 1 stream allowed per account, This calls for Family time.


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