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Scam the Scammer with Scam Alert Nigeria

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Scam in an Art, her art of Deception, This is smart art,  a social engineering act, I can go all long describing this depending with all of the types of scammers I’ve met in my personal life.  Scam Alert a Nigerian startup wants to help you report the scammers, help you shop safely online and at the right store,  yes how? and what are the procedures? well! sit down find your scammers first as we take you through Scam Alert.

Scam Alert has Registration of the Shop or company section where you fill all the correct details, Then There is a section for verifying the company, This will undergo a process before you get listed on their verified shop, Which is very important part of this process of identifying scammers. So Scam Alert will help you before you buy an item online, you use the search box on the home page to verify if the Seller is genuine, simply type any details you have of the business (Business name, phone number, bank details, BBM pin etc and click search, if the seller is fraudulent you will immediately see the details by clicking on the result of the search. With the current scam updates, Scam Alert updates their database daily to ensure scammers are not on the upfront online.

Scam Alert is at its early stage and this means it will be faced with a lot of challenges including trust but within time, it’s going to be an e-commerce critic and safety line. https:// is not only a solution since many are ignorant, and with the latest  Unicode-phishing attacks that are carried on Chrome and Firefox you need to find more safer ways to conduct your businesses online since it’s not only scammers that you will face online. Scam Alert needs to Integrate more tools in later stages of their growth to not only curb the scammers but also ensure, the society learns the importance of safe online shopping and help the consumer trust their services.

This is a great innovation from the “home of Internet email scam”, we all know we have been victims of the email spams from the Prince and Princess in Nigeria, Requesting funds so that they could achieve a weirdly named task. It takes one to know one and they surely have studied their own and made a platform that will help you gain trust in online business and transactions. Scam Alert has stories of scam schemes and also lets you submit a scam story, this is an important thing, helping the users get familiar with what they are interacting with, sniff it a mile away. Once bitten Twice shy

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