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SA startup launches Edly, an administration platform to help teachers.

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Teachers are the real drivers of the world’s greatest economies but as a teacher the hardships that come with the job might be overwhelming, that is why South African software development startup DataDIGEST has launched a cloud-based administrative platform for school teachers called Edly, allowing them to track, record and communicate about student attendance and behavior thus allowing them more time to spend teaching the students rather than tracking students around.

The platform comprises of three integrated apps based on the insight that better results are achieved when parents, teachers and students collaborate. The Edly Behavior and Edly Attendance apps allow teachers to easily track, record and share with other teachers class attendance and student behavior, while Edly Note! sends real-time reports to parents.

The platform also allows schools to customize what is monitored within the apps, and to preset responses in line with the school’s code of conduct. For example, the school can set which behaviors to track specifically, and can set certain behavior to be automatically reported to parents.

The startup plans to add further apps to the platform, and encourages anyone with ideas to support educators to get in touch.

David de Villiers, chief executive officer (CEO) of DataDIGEST  said , “We believe teachers are the key to a great education and that’s why we develop solutions that empower them in the classroom. Here in South Africa, social challenges and syllabi that keep changing are just some of the challenges teachers face. With edly we hope to at least help lighten their administrative load.”



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