Chalkboard a Ghanaian based startup founded by Adrien Bouillot,  Aims to improve the education and training standards of Africa by providing a basic and cheap education platform for training.  With the latest Reports The Sub-Saharan Africa had an Approximate of 427 million subscribers according to the GSMA mobile economy report 2016, and in 2020 the subscriber penetration is expected to increase by 6% from 44%  and an increase in smartphone penetration to 55% with a greater percentage using the 3G and the 4G networks.

Chalkboard offering their services through the USSD and SMS methods has access to major regions that have no internet access or low internet access.  The university of Ghana’s French Dep. has been a great beneficiary of the Chalkboard systems having enrolled 1000+ students and having 100% attendance using the application, 100% assignment submissions and an Increase in the classes grade.  Chalkboard having an easy access to content, easy tracking of what you do and the progress of your training and education: Track students’ progression and feedbacks live via SMS, USSD, online. Compare and analyse your students’ results across individual, regional, national levels. Centralise and visualise your data collection on one platform. and an Easy Implementation of what they provide and having a good consultation team.

Having great benefits for the organisation, the facilitator and individuals, Chalkboard is truly changing the Education system.

The Organisations:

  • Reliable data is made available to track individual and collective students progress.
  • It is an opportunity to open new distance learning curricula and reach new audiences.

The Facilitators:

  • Optimised organisation and time (automated management of copies and grades…).
  • The opportunity to try innovative delivery models and teaching strategies.

The students/learners:

  • Universal access to course materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Better results and maximised engagement.

Featured Image: Chalkboard

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