A collaboration of Nigeria’s CChub and Union bank brings to you Centenary Innovation Challenge that aims to support tech startups. Centenary Innovation Challenge serves to commemorate 100 years of heritage and service by supporting the startups and Ideas that support the SDGS  in Entrepreneurial ways.

“As an institution, we are taking the lead in tackling social problems in communities where we do business in a sustainable way. Last year, we kicked off our first ever internal innovation challenge in the bank, and we are currently working on implementing the transformational ideas that came through that would allow us to provide the simplest and smartest solutions, making our customers’ lives better,” said Union Bank chief executive officer (CEO) Emeka Emuwa.

“We also believe that we cannot tackle these social problems alone which are why today we are partnering with the CcHub to launch the Centenary Innovation Challenge.”

Applications are open up to 19th May, Interested Applicants can apply here

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