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South African Claire Reid founder of Reel Gardening announced as the Agripreneur of the year

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Reel Gardening an Idea born in  2002 by Claire Reid at the age of 16 is one of the successful agri-startups in south Africa, with such a great history of  Reel gardening, finally, the fruits of the garden are being eaten.

Reel Gardening was designed to be the simple solution to gardening – and simple is the best word to describe it. All the fuss is taken out of gardening by using the illustrations above to explain how to plant Reel Gardening strips, which makes gardening accessible to everyone. In addition, you don’t need to think about how deep and at what distance apart to put the seeds into the soil as the biodegradable paper already anchors the seeds at the correct depth and distance apart.

This is not the first time Reel gardening is topping the charts with an Award, It happens to be so used to the awards in the previous years:

2013 – Hult Prize, 2012 –The Department of water affairs,  2011- The Eco-Logic Awards, International   Green Awards, Seed Awards, SAB Awards, SA, Most Influential Women, Feather Awards, Shoprite Checkers woman of the year -2004, Stockholm Junior water prize – 2003, Stockholm International Water Institute.

Announced last month, the Agripreneur. of the year winner was to be announced in Jo’burg, and so the time reached. Future Agro Challenge had 50 participants from five continents with informative topics covering national, regional, and global challenges across the food supply chain.

Claire Reid founder of Reel Gardening was announced the Agripreneur of the year by Carla Tanas, co-founder of FAC. Claire is set to receive mentorship and she is also open to potential investors and partners.

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