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Nigerian Musiccloud launched to support local artists

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The level of Piracy in the Entertainment industry is so overwhelming, artists don’t get to eat from what they created, Witha ll the Music copyright laws still on effect somehow the breach still finds its way out. This issue doesn’t only affect the Western culture despite having secure platforms like iTunes and Spotify. Africa has great taste in music totally great but we apart from facing piracy we are faced with the lack of support from our own, which it’s something so common.

Musiccloud a Nigerian music platform has launched to support the local emerging artists, the startups of music to make some understand. The platform lets you discover, stream, share and download music of your choice. It has a wonderful feature known as the Bleep that sends you an SMS notification each time an artist of your choice has uploaded a new music, This is a nice kind of support and appreciation apparently, the services are only Nigerian Locked starting from Registration on where you have to provide your mobile number.

“Having the western competitors like  Soundcloud and Reverbnation, whose platforms are built with a western algorithm ” says Ability Elijah, Founder Musiccloud.

“Musiccloud is built for Nigerians and Africans, and we aim to continuously study the market, as well as keeping everything simple on the platform” Added Elijah

Having been running in beta mode since January, Musiccloud has received a nice reception from the society with over 2000 users already registered and using the platform.

Musiccloud’s main aim is to Reach Africa as a whole and also make Nigerian Music global, For Artists there is also  gain on joining the platform coming soon as the company expands its base and reach: The startup aims to build out based on multiple revenue streams: a range of subscription options for premium content; audio adverts; featured music; and collaborating with record labels to scout new talent.

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