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Meet Nigeria’s 1 social taxi-hailing plartfom – OGA TAXI

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Ever since digital carpooling began it’s a mayhem all over, Each country coming up with their own carpooling platform to ease transportation costs. Uber the biggest icon of many taxi hailing systems has hard a rough time in all countries with strikes from drivers, sexual assaults against the staffs, secret chat groups for staffs against bighead and unlicenced driving of driverless cars, anyway we are not here to talk about the Uber struggles or condemn the taxi business.

Launched in 2016 OgaTaxi Nigeria’s number 1 social taxi hailing platform, The name having being derived from common word OGA, The word ‘Oga’ resonates with every Nigerian as it is probably the most frequently used word among Nigerians in our daily run around.  So basically you’ve already seen the sense of belonging and possession.

As the company to leverage so deep into the Country and continent it has a lot to deal with and beat all other companies.

In Partnership with SPLYT, OgaTaxi has rolled out a new roaming feature with the splyt Global Roamin API  that connects e-hailing and urban mobility companies across the globe through a single backend integration.

Basically not spoken much of the feature we are yet to experience the update.

OgaTaxi seems to have to have great offers for the Nigerian community having found the favour namewise, its yet to earn much usage from the community who happen to appreciate the goodies offered, and just like other platforms OgaTaxi is open to partnership  from car owners who would love to join the Riders.


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