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HTTPS is now enabled on Incubate Africa

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For our regular readers, you might notice a difference on our Url, yes! we have now enabled HTTPs on our servers. We value your data and our data when online, we value your security as our reader.

Yesterday our site was down for the whole day having to fix the HTTPs issue and few security loops and also our caching system to enhance faster access of data when you read and browse articles on our site.

The Transition to HTTPs from HTTP is very crucial for every website, blog, and system out here. We not only want to inform you that we have just enabled the security feature but we want to educate you on the importance of transiting and why you should, Yes you should transit!!! it’s 2017 the year of the secure web.

Starting January Google announced that is going to shame the unencrypted websites (  without the certified SSL certificate). Yes, Google chrome 56 started flagging websites as secure and non-secure by the start of the year and this include website that collect user information from credit cards to personal emails details. 

Early last month we witnessed also The Next Web transit from HTTP to HTTPs after al;l those years in the web scene, being a great fanatic of TNW I never knew they had no Secure protocol on their server, such a great Tech site, but hello! we all have loops.

The most important reasons why we made the change, in order of importance:

  1. Provide a more secure site to our readers
  2. Increase accuracy for our web analytics data
  3. Enhance potential benefits for SEO due to  HTTPS-enabled site
  4. Stimulate development for AMP because of the requirements for HTTPS on certain features
  5. Support for HTTP2 and upcoming WordPress features that might require HTTPS

Many of us run on WordPress blogs and guess what soon you’ll get shutdowns, but let us not reach to that point. coming to know that most users can’t afford the WordPress services for hosting, we resolute to the cheap shared hosting with lots of regulations and security loops, but as much as they have demerits they offer the SSL services to their customers, There are more than 20 digital Signed certificated you can choose from.

In 2014 during the Google I/O conference ( Check the video below) Google announced that it would rank encrypted sites higher in search results.

Let’s Make the Web a Secure Place, Value your Readers and Users.

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