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Google spreads wings deeper to support African Startups

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With Google Launchpad on the near, the Mother A (ALPHABET) has decided to dedicate itself to training more than 1 million students under it sDigital Skills for Africa in the next Annual season, This information having being announced in the major silicon centers of Africa: Jo’burg, Lagos and Nairobi.

Since its Inception in April 2016 with the aim of training 1 million individuals within one year, Digital skills Africa, an initiative by google that has partnered with code education facilities in Africa, offers an instructor-student method way of Tech Literacy to the society. DSA covers three main topics, business development, career advancement, or basic internet use of which the personnel can choose from 89 courses across 23 areas to study and get Certified.

According to Bunmi Banjo, Google’s Growth Engine and Brand Lead for Sub-Saharan Africa, “Africans lack the delve and understanding of the web, tools, and platforms, this making them slack behind in the advancement of the Tech culture, with us realizing this gap we decided to offer training to the younger generation to help them define and find success.

A couple of weeks earlier I was asking myself what about the native society, no English in their vocabulary? so apparently this is why we call it the MIGHTY GOOGLE !! Google is to offer training and instructions in new languages guess which? naaah you had it wrong lol! Swahili, Zulu and Hausa,  this will not only increase the delve of Google deeper into the society but also offer Jobs to them for the instructors. The Current partners include organizations like the eMobilus technical institute in Kenya and vocational training company Centrum Learning in Nigeria.

Google’s Venture in Africa is huge for those who might not know, Google offers Financial aid to 5 African Tech hubs: Kenya (iHub), South Africa, Ghana, and Uganda, and Nigeria (CCHub), apart from the financial aid it also has begun programs and partnerships to overcome Africa’s internet access and connectivity challenges, with all this Africa is still in the abyss of technology penetration.

In 2016, Google entered a licensing pact with South African startup Onyx, which plans to manufacture Android smartphones on the continent. In several African countries, the company also offers its “Add to Offline” option for YouTube video playback with little to no connectivity.

Though Google could not provide overall traffic data, African search activity has increased significantly in recent years, a spokesperson confirmed. Statistics are available for popular search terms across Africa’s largest economies, providing insight on the interest palette of the continent’s growing online community.

In 2016, Nigeria’s top Google person search was for Donald Trump. South Africa’s most searched term was Pokémon Go. Kenyans were most keen on football, googling “Euro 2016” more than any other topic last year.

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