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Facebook and Telcos Battle for Low-Cost Internet grounds in Kenya

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Frankly speaking, big man Zuck’s visit in Africa was full of hidden Agendas, yes full of benefit but a lot way profitwise to his Franchise.  I love the fact he considers the lost zones, the outcasted society, we all focus on the town manship. Enough with my jibber jabber let’s check what Zuck came with.

So apparently Facebook has decided to focus on the low-cost internet in Nairobi, Free basics this month came to Kenya, a service or a solution that provides people with access to useful services on their mobile phones in markets where internet access may be less affordable.

In the Earlier few weeks if you noticed by turning on your wifi in some places outside Nairobi would bring you some options that seem fair to the consumer… I mean Free WIFI as we all term the WIFI’s that we don’t see the  WPA2 locks on.  EXPRESS WIFI BY FACEBOOK ” has partnered with a local isp SURF to offer this services. Apparently, it didn’t come to the city borns because of what?  meehn! this would be the thing in people’s mouth as we talk as in it would be the Trend, to reduce the hype and for better BETA  test it was a wise move to take it in none saturated areas.

I not only think this will boost the IOT level in Africa but also improve our surfacing out to the social, tech and e-tech society.

So Likewise Google also have their Internet Project known as Loon ( a balloon-powered internet) just to let you know, could this Express by facebook be the competition to google’s Loon?

Regions that have had access to the WIFI are Thika, Ong’at a Rongai, Kitengela, Limuru, Kiambu, and  Mlolongo.

So actually I think has it right in Kenya, just as the uber game in Kenya craze competition, also Isps have it harder  amongst themselves with Access Kenya coming back in the game to beat up Surf.

Kenya ranks are so poor in the affordability measure of The Inclusive Internet: Mapping Progress. On Average, the study carried out in 75 countries says that while 94 percent of people living within a range of a mobile signal, only 43 percent have access to a 4G signal. People are therefore using the Internet less than they would if it was cheaper and faster.

Comparing the Prices In Kenya this is so way competitive, will this bring a game change in the data plans of the country?

Express Wi-Fi Safaricom Airtel Orange
Daily (KES.20) 100MB 35MB 50MB 40MB
Weekly (KES.100) 500MB 200MB 250MB 200MB
Monthly (KES.500) 3GB 1GB 1.2GB 1GB

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