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The journey to “.Africa” Domain has began

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I am so in love with this domain naming  ‘.Africa‘, this is digital ownership of our own, created by our own you feel me?!  So the Africa Union Decided to give us as a continent a brand domain extension, just like the .com, .io, .za, .biz: Yes, now you can peacefully proof you are African from domain to blood.

The ‘.Africa‘ is meant to not only create a digital identity but unite Africans as a community, “Umoja ni nguvu, Utengano ni Udhaifu – Unity is strength, division is weakness. ” one of the famous Swahili proverbs is set to be proven right also digitally.

The AU says that this is not only just a domain but it signifies a lot about a company,  its loyalty, its coverage, and presence, this shows the company’s interest in the matters of the continent as a whole.

ZACR has said that the domains will be available for registration starting July not giving out the definite date on when it will open. ZACR will also be responsible for registering the domains with the ‘.Africa

.Africa‘  addresses will go for as little as $18 (£15), AFP news agency quoted ZACR’s boss Lucky Masilela.

I personally think this is another reboot in the African Tech culture and also pride in what we own and do.


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