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Zazu launches in Zambia

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Launched in 2015 Zazu a digital marketplace connecting farmers to buyers. Farmers with extra produce are able to connect with new markets, while buyers are provided with a more sophisticated and easy way to order more produce for less.

Zazu now launched in Zambia, where it currently has secured eight partnerships with small traders, luxury hotels and multinational companies looking to source smarter from local farmers.

“2016 saw us travel to Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa in search for product-market fit. Anybody who has ever built a tech-enabled business will attest to the difficulties. Early on, we learned that smallholder farmers can only succeed if a variety of factors are present, for the same market failures we exist to solve, also complicate life for us,”

said Zazu founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Perseus Mlambo.

Zazu has more than 9000 farmers interacting with the platform through sms.

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