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Kenya’s Economy suffered hugely from cybercrime attacks in 2016.

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Cybercrime is one of the new technology era epidemic, nothing is safe on the Tech side of the world. Probaly each day hackers attack a user, website ana organisation or a nation. The hack groups from the known to unkown. Cybercrime has rendered many nations unsafe, Hitting from all angles and Kenya in 2016 sufferd a major leap in the Economy after numerous attacks amounting to  Sh17.7 billion  Sh17.7 billion lost just in vast in the vast cloud, reports from the technology, media and telecommunications.

Majority of the attacks being linked to the favorite and widely known DDOs (Denial-of-Service) to a number of devices and websites, Online malwares rendering many weak due to the skillful attacks on social platforms.

“East Africa region and particularly Kenya are becoming a target of choice for cybercrime,” Erik van der Dussen, TMT Leader at Deloitte East Africa said.

With kenya being a Hot bed in technology we are amont the top  100 vulnerable victims in the country ranks, position 69 out of 127, and in 2015 Kenya was ranked 45.

This attacks costed the nation a lot this being  highest in Africa at 0.28 percent of the GDP compared to the continent’s average of 0.07 percent of GDP. this was one massive ambust on the Tech scene and economy of the country.

The report suggests that in 2017 the global sales of tablets will likely reduce by 165 million units, “down by approximately 10 percent from the 182 million units sold in 2016, suggesting we have passed the peak demand for these devices.”

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