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Ex-Googler Aneto Okonkwo’s ChatDesk is your solution to poor customer support

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The Entreprenuer Life is one of the difficult lifes one can decide to do, some are used to employment whilst others are just not born as employees.  Living the mother company that feeds you and does everything that you do depend on and then going to an unknown venture, less capital maybe, no insight of the market you are getting into, not knowing what it takes. Some time you just have to take risks. Nigerian Aneto is of the fine examples, some time last year he announced that he’s quiting Google to go and pursue his ventures.

Being a googler some expect him to come with one of the greatest solutions with all the knowledge he learnt over there, well according to me his solution was a big one, always think within the vicinity when creating solutions , Many companies suffer from the poor customer relation and support, from phone calls to mesaging apps   all of this trying to ease the frustration in mantaining connections. Chatdesk a company that helps other  companies deliver sales and customer care on social media and messaging apps.

By this you can learn, people hate change and Chatdesk really made it easy for the clients, you dont have to change and use lots of things and platfoms to get the help you need form clients and vice versa: they just brought the solution to your favorite app.

We want every customer in the world to get great service from every business that they interact with,” Okonkwo said.

Chatdesk a company that strives to reduce the clients relation and support hustle, first created a solution Social Shift, a solution that does away with ” please hold on while we transfer your call to the nearest agent” .  Social Shift simply lets you  chat with the agent rather than letting you run out of patience while on hold.

Social Shift doesn’t solve unemployment but it improves the customer experience and lays a foundation for us to do more in the future,” Okonkwo added.

Social Shift is an easy setup solution thats compatible with whatever you already have,the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone systems, it does not require any changes to your existing Customer Relationship (CRM) tools or agent workflow. and its multi lingual  amde for global reach.

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