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Commercial drones now are now usable in Kenya

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The Kenyan Waves will soon be having drones flying all over after the regulatory passed the bill, Kenya is the second country after Rwanda to allow the use of  Aerial Unmanned Vehicles (AUVs).

The aviation regulator, Kenya Civil Aviation (KCAA), announced the approval was made last week on Monday after the agency met with the top security organs to discuss draft regulations.

KCAA Director General Mr Gilbert Kibe said the gazette legal notice together with an Aeronautical Information Circular will be published as soon as an official notification of the meeting is received.

“The policy procedures and regulations for remotely piloted aircraft systems, better known as the drones, have been approved,” said Mr Kibe.

Astral Aviation, a Kenyan-based logistics firm, already has plans in place to open a drone airport at Kapese Airstrip in Lokichar as it moves to tap proceeds from oil exploration in the region.

“We are going to open the Drone Airport in Kapese as we target to offer logistics solutions to oil drilling firms in Lokichar and we are happy that the approval of regulations has been made,” said Mr Gadhia.

Kenyan social life enthusiast and techies are so prone to get every gadget that is available for shipping and only the Drones were a big hold back because of the bill not being passed, so meaning anybody who has been flying drones in Kenya was an illegal act which is so punishable:  “This will actually be the first time that drones are legal in Kenya. Everybody who’s been flying up to now has been flying illegally,” says Gichanga. Penalties for unauthorised drone use include a fine of 500,000 Kenyan shillings (about $5,000) and a jail term of up to three months.



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