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Best African Tech-Inspired gifts for your valentine

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Two days to the hit Day, the lovers day, the February  air has been all love, all red. We at incubate Africa love to make you our readers and followers happy and well informed, So we went all round findning the best gadgets and innovations developed by our own to make you spice up  your valentine at the comforts of your date, we only suggest the rest is up to you.

For the photogenic couple, consider getting this, a light weight pocket drone controlled at the comfort of your own, no need to carry out lots of gadgets since the drone application is installed on your mobile phone. Get is Here

For the foodie and and adventerous couple,  worry not jumia got you sorted. Have an indoor romantic time with your significant other, order food online at the comforts of your own bed or Showmax and chill, get it delivered Eat and enjoy later book a place to travel and spend the night far from people.

Since the outside world will be congested all movie tickets booked and now you have to watch the world, well this has come to an end, Just get your self or significant other a subscription on showmax, watch the movie you want un interrupted  by the society and unlimited.

Is an online shop with lots of lively gifts for your significant, get to order chocolates, lady bags, teddy bears and everything you would think of , get it delivered tou them before you deliver your self. Lighten the mood.

For the health freak coulples, check out Vitls a south African startup focusing on wireless connected health wearables, does your other couple worry  about their health, get them enrolled and always do check ups on their situations.

Those couples worried about business money going blue when not monitored. your significant other  has a lot of businesses, unable to manage and you are worried it might ruin your valentine day  because he is unable to concetrate on you.  Get him/her the Spos a small scale trader POS.

The vegy couple, This is an online system on Android and Ios focusing on vegetable delivery. The situation out will be beefy and fatty, so your  significant other is worried about smelling the beef breeze, get them some fruits and vegetables delivered at the door step. Keep the vegified.

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